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Have your first skydive with our Tandem Skydive, the easiest and safest way. Attached securely to one of our qualified and licensed Tandem Master with a dual harness system, you are ready for your flight after a 10-minutes video training session with all the security measures and the necessary instructions. Your Tandem Master will guide you through the whole activity; the flight, the plane exit, the freefall, the parachute opening, and the safe landing. One thing is for sure… get ready for the most extraordinary ride of your life as your first words after landing will be: let’s do it again!

Activity time and days

7 am until 4 pm
Any days except Sundays and public holidays


Approximately 1 hour

Visiting Places
  • The north area of Mauritius


  • Access to the sky diving area
  • Skydiving equipment and coaching
  • 1 bottle of water per person during your trip
  • Not suitable for physically challenged persons
  • The participant cannot jump with a head cold / flu
  • Skydiving after a scuba diving session is forbidden; a 24-hour gap between the two activities is necessary
  • Minimum age is 15 years old. If less than 18 years old, one parent needs to be present
  • Minimum weight is 40-45 Kg (reaching minimum limits, the weather conditions will need to be optimum)
  • Maximum weight is 95 Kg (reaching maximum limits, the weather conditions will need to be optimum)
Don’t forget to bring
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Cap or Hat
Transfer option
Private transfers only
Good to know

Freefall is up to 30 seconds of breathtaking flight, followed by a peaceful and a quiet 5-minutes parachute descent. The sensation of free falling is like floating on a bed of air.


See Mauritius from a unique and fascinating view, altogether with an adrenaline rush. While skydiving, you will see the spectacular sceneries of the island and its beautiful lagoons.

Cancellation policy
  • No Show at departure for confirmed reservations: 100% cancellation fee
  • Cancellation 24 hrs. before departure :100% cancellation fee
  • Cancellation 48 hrs. before departure:50% cancellation fee
  • Weather conditions not suitable to clients: 100% cancellation fee
  • Bad weather -cancellation before departure: Full refund
  • Bad weather -cancellation during excursion: Partial refund
  • Transfers are at extra supplement subject to the type of vehicle booked or the car rental option booked
  • Private Transfer – Available every day (no minimum number of guests required)
  • Activity is always subject to weather conditions.The activity can be canceled due to sudden weather changes.

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